"The audience were held spellbound by Thaddeus. He inspired us all with his motivational presentation. Thaddeus sparkled as he spoke. I have never seen a room full kept awake by a presentation. They were inspired. Clearly the speaker connected with the audience. Thaddeus ignited the flame within all those present. Everyone, including me, felt highly motivated. That encounter added fuel to my drive."

Gerard Ee, Chairman
National Kidney Foundation

"Thank you Thaddeus for speaking at PwC's Tax staff/management meeting in Aug 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your desert stories were engaging and touched many hearts. You certainly sparked many present that day to embark on their own "races" in life. I personally found your perseverance and determination in achieving your goals inspiring. On behalf of PwC, thank you for a memorable presentation!"

Anita Louis, Director, Corporate Tax
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

"We engaged Thaddeus to help us organize a company wide seminar on the importance of working through global teams and operating with a global mindset...provided coaching to a very diverse multinational group of senior level leaders, and helped us gain alignment in the process. The seminar was a tremendous success. Thaddeus was professional, responsive and a lot of fun to work with."

Nicholas Ballas, Executive Vice President
Asia Pacific, Nexans

"Thaddeus is a charismatic speaker who inspires and engages his audience. His energy, passion and personal life story will make a powerful impact on his audience and inspire them to act. His caring nature and dedication to helping others shines through and make him a unique individual."

Sara Yik, Managing Director
The Sariel Group

"Thaddeus' efforts to correlate his experiences from endurance racing to real life situations were pertinent and striking. An aura of positivity engulfed the room as he instilled confidence in every individual on self-belief as a means to being a Runaway Success. A feel-good factor still resonated in one's mind long after he had left."

Vijay Solaisamy, Assistant Vice President
Credit Suisse

"Thaddeus connected very well with the students and his authentic sharing of experiences and life stories was both meaningful and useful in capturing the attention of an active audience. With his well-timed anecdotes and appropriate tones, he was on the mark in delivering the key messages. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and I would agree with them that Thaddeus was "awesome"."

Eric Quek, Student & Alumni Affairs
Temasek Polytechnic

"Thaddeus Lawrence's talk at Tampines Junior College with all the JC2 students was highly successful. The talk was very well received as it was engaging and inspiring. The students who attended the talk gave very positive feedback about it and commented that they could relate to the experiences of Thaddeus. The great dedication, strong commitment and belief of Thaddeus and his relentless pursuit of his dreams against all odds motivated our students to scale greater heights in both their academic studies and their personal lives."

Helen Choo, Principal
Tampines Junior College

"Both our students and staff were truly inspired by Thaddeus passion and the belief that with perseverance, any challenges and obstacles can be overcome; as long as the heart is willing, the mind can be persuaded. Thaddeus is an extremely persuasive, engaging and humorous speaker. Thaddeus inspires through real-life personal experiences and sharing of his insights that everyone can relate to. Given another opportunity, I will definitely have Thaddeus come and inspire my staff and students again."

Jesmin Tan, Manager, Student Development
Singapore Institute of Management

"I had the pleasure of hearing Thaddeus speak at Raise your Game 2012 event and I was moved by his life changing speech and training. That was a month or so ago and a speech of only 20-30minutes and the impact is far reaching. I know a number of people at the event who were wowed by his impact and lessons, which are equally relevant to business or life. I would not hesitate to recommend Thaddeus as a keynote speaker or motivating force for any organisation - if you want your employees to get focussed and realise they are the only thing thats stopping themselves then Thaddeus is your guy!"

Carla Henry, Associate Senior Consultant
Bridge Partnership Asia

"I first encountered Thaddeus Lawrence while attending an Executive Foundation Programme on mental resilience, peak performance and taking personal ownership in life. He definitely inspired me with his motivational and inspirational delivery. His sharing of true experiences and personal life stories coupled with his well-timed phrases delivered at appropriate pitch and tone, helped me to develop stronger clarity of purpose and envisage new perspectives towards both personal life and career. I am looking forward to such an experience again."

Goh Swee Heng, Centre for Learning and Military Education
Ministry of Defence

"Thaddeus and I collaborated on an event to discuss motivation in the workplace and how leaders can create an environment that fosters intrinsic motivation. Thaddeus spoke eloquently about his experiences during the 4 Deserts Challenge and from where his motivation arises. A great subject and a wonderful speaker."

Andrew Calvert, Regional Operations Director

"Dear Thaddeus, thank you for your captivating and inspiring talk to our staff on how to maximise one's potential to the fullest. I am sure many of us benefited from your insights and left with much food for thought. It was a great session and we will be most happy to welcome you back when the opportunities arise in future. All the best!"

Ang Hui Gek, Director, Allied Health Division
Singapore General Hospital

"Thaddeus Lawrence has really changed my thoughts to do my part in making society (world) a better place."

Daniel Saw, Director
MINS Control System Pte Ltd

"Thaddeus is an excellent and engaging speaker who understands that good presentations do not centre around powerpoint slides filled with text and more text. Being a good speaker is much the same as being a good storyteller, in being able to absorb people in the plot and progress, in affecting them emotively and making them laugh or wince (depending on your desired result!). Thaddeus has done an amazing job of filling our session with thought-provoking and attention-holding stories, through which he was able to inspire and teach. I'd highly recommend him as a speaker to anyone, and would love to attend another one of his sessions in future."

Charlene Poon, Corporate Comms
Singapore International Foundation

"Thaddeus Lawrence is one of the most inspiring and engaging 'motivated speakers' that I have experienced. Not only does he contextualise his sharing to make it more meaningful for his audience, he also perosnalises his stories and touches his audience's heart with a recapitulation and delivery that is "uniquely Thaddeus". It's never boring listening to Thaddeus. I feel like I am part of his experience just listening to him. It's so vivid, I can't help it!"

Qistin Ngapi, Assistant Director, Human Resource
Singapore International Foundation

"Thaddeus is a very gifted trainer and teacher who engages us to think and take actions for what we believe is important in life. I didn't even realize that time went by so quickly during the course. I came away feeling refreshed with a different perspective on issues that is truly invaluable."

Elizabeth Chua, Associate Director
National University of Singapore

"Having been through a few coaching courses, Thaddeus' made the deepest impression. As an established flying instructor for over six years, I felt Thaddeus opened ways to bring my coaching and facilitation to a higher level. More importantly, his coaching also brought my awareness of myself to a whole new level."

Major Oon Kok Choon, Pilot and Flying Instructor
Republic of Singapore Air Force

Copyright 2012 Carolyn Lim