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Thaddeus Lawrence walks his talk. Literally.

In 2011, he completed a 1,000-kilometre footrace through the hottest, windiest, driest and coldest deserts on the planet. This self-supported event has been lauded by TIME Magazine as one of the world's Top Ten Endurance Competitions.

Thaddeus' landmark accomplishment across the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Antarctica captures the imagination. In a fitting embodiment of physical resilience, mental toughness and emotional fitness, he pushes the limits of human endeavour.


Skydiving, salsa and leadership, seriously?

Heroes of 1,000 kilometres


Thaddeus delivers a compelling message that work and life is not a sprint but more like an ultra endurance race. It is not about going fast and compromising the race, but about going far and completing the race. The timeless values of purpose, passion and positivity are more important now than ever before.

His presentation focus can be customized to include:

  • Moving forward through daily improvements
  • Overcoming daily challenges by making empowered choices
  • Rediscovering the inner drive and personal direction
  • Spectacular failures triumph over safe success
  • Cultivating a possibilities mindset
  • Celebration of little wins and recognition of milestones
  • The 7 Ps of peak performance


Thaddeus uses an engaging storytelling style and employs abundant anecdotes and analogies to make his points relevant to a diverse audience. Unique visuals that stun the senses, moving stories that stir the heart, and inspiring lessons that galvanise action are the hallmarks of Thaddeus' presentations.

To book Thaddeus, email or call +65 9756 7504.

Download Thaddeus' speaker brochure here.



Copyright 2012 Shafudin Jaya - Singapore

Copyright 2012 Shafudin Jaya - Singapore

Copyright 2012 Shafudin Jaya - Singapore

The audience were held spellbound by Thaddeus. He inspired us all with his motivational presentation. Thaddeus sparkled as he spoke. I have never seen a room full kept awake by a presentation. They were inspired. Clearly the speaker connected with the audience. Thaddeus ignited the flame within all those present. Everyone, including me, felt highly motivated. That encounter added fuel to my drive.

Gerard Ee, Chairman
National Kidney Foundation