How Are You Running Your Race of Life?

Life is not a sprint but a multi-day ultra endurance race. It is not about going fast and compromising the race, but about going far and completing the race.

Full of incredible experiences, breathtaking scenery, and raw exuberance, RUNAWAY SUCCESS takes readers on an enlightening and uplifting revelation into the inspiration and perspiration behind the exceptional achievements of a group of individuals. It tells of the extraordinary life and near-death journeys that these ordinary people faced in a series of gruelling endurance races in the 4 deserts of Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Antarctica.

In his enthusiastic and engaging style, Lawrence takes us into scorching, sun-baked deserts and freezing ends of earth where the lessons of ordinary people pushing their minds and bodies to extraordinary limits are brought to light for our daily use in concrete jungles. RUNAWAY SUCCESS is that distinctive book that will have you bringing out the best in yourself. This is a must-read for anyone interested in inspiring stories and how they relate to all of us in the here and now.

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With this book you take the journey of a lifetime. The story that Thaddeus Lawrence tells in these pages is not just the story of four incredible races, run across some of the most inhospitable landscapes on the planet. In actuality, what he tells is the story of two contests - the physical and the mental - played out over
these harsh, yet ultimately beautiful locations. Prepare to take your
first step.

Lou Tice,
Chairman of The Pacific Institute® Inc